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CJP offers 2-day workshop providing information on cultivation technology of Jatropha, Pongamia and other commercial crops used as biodiesel feedstocks and, production and use of biodiesel. The workshop also aims at addressing business opportunities towards use of alternate non food crops such as algae for biodiesel production.
The Workshop shall include presentations on different facets of biodiesel business and subsequent practical demonstrations. The demonstrations shall include an opportunity to see oil extraction from oilseeds and biodiesel production in our demonstration plant where you can observe and participate in the different stages of the production process and also produce a small batch of biodiesel yourself.
This Two-day workshop will give you insight knowledge of biodiesel business and provide you the expertise to start your cultivation and biodiesel Industry.
The workshop generally shall have the presentations by eminent experts covering the following topics:
  • Potential Non Food crops such as Jatropha,Pongamia as biodiesel feedstocks and their propagation techniques
  • Algae as a potential feedstock
  • Introduction to biodiesel and production Technology
  • Economics of biodiesel Industry and global scenario
  • Quality norms and Government policies and legislation
Practical Training
After the presentations, the practical demonstration of following shall be made.
  1. Determination of oil content in oilseed
  2. Oilseed extraction
  3. Biodiesel process
  4. Separation process
  5. Glycerol recovery
  6. Methanol recovery
The work shop shall be a great place to become educated on the many sustainable feedstocks for building a successful biodiesel and afterward, attendees are able to focus on their goals. As an attendee of the , You shall have opportunity to have live demo of biodiesel making
Time is winding down and you will want to sign up early as we expect available seats to fill up fast.
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