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The Biodiesel Business Academy has been established to provide the quality, impartial, informative and enjoyable training needed to increase and distribute knowledge and skills to Biofuel/Biodiesel/Green Oil/ Bioenergy industry professionals.
If your company can benefit from our training, but doesn’t want the time, cost and inconvenience penalties of sending multiple people to training courses, then why not ask us to come to you?
Here are just some of the reasons to enquire now:
  • Customization - unlike a public course, which must be 'generic', in-house training can be designed to focus on the issues which are critical to your business
  • Cost effectiveness - it can cost loss per employee than a public course
  • Interaction - having only 'your' people at the course will create focus and discussion on topics important to the success of your company
  • Quality - a fundamental often overlooked, our team of directors and trainers have over 30 years experience in B2B conferences and courses
  • Methods - our trainers provide you with very personal, interactive training sessions set in a relaxed atmosphere to ensure you gain and retain your newly learnt skills
  • Confidentiality - ensure private discussion on issues which you may not wish to made public
  • Timing – You can schedule a time for training that is least disruptive to your business
  • Course costs will depend on a number of factors: the length and content of the course, where our trainer needs to travel, the number of attendees and any work we need to do to tailor our material to your needs.
To enable us to discuss the options further with you, please first complete the inquiry form as best as you can.
(* for course quality purposes, we limit course attendance to a maximum of 20)

Typical organizations that can use our training
  1. Financiers and Investors - looking at the green energy sector or new technologies for the first time
  2. New players - expanding in to new business areas or starting a new business
  3. Vertical markets - understanding the cross over and commercial opportunities between the developing and established industries
  4. Improving your business - Bringing key staff up to speed quickly in a growing markets
  5. Regulators and associations - ensuring key staff are well versed to communicate with the industry
  6. Current and potential Biofuel Producers
  7. Power Producers
  8. Regional plantation owners/ investors
  9. Oilseed processing industry players
  10.  Institutional Investors
  11. Financiers and Venture capitalists
  12. Project and Finance Managers
  13. Commodity Brokers and Analysts
  14. Renewable Energy Consultants
  15. Agro-biotech, Fertilizer and Crop protection company
  16. Biofuels Technology and Equipment Suppliers
  17. Agricultural Machine Suppliers
  18. Environmental Engineers
  19. Energy and Environment Researchers
  20. Fuel Marketers and Distributors
  21. Auto-makers, engine and power generating set manufacturers
  22. Biotechnology Researchers
  23. Agronomists
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