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Knowledge for a Sustainable Future
College students are very keen to learn how to make biodiesel because they want to do something to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and to make the planet a better place to live. While some colleges/ schools only teach about biodiesel during one lecture, one lab experiment or one course, in others biodiesel is central to chemistry or engineering department curriculum and research. While the biodiesel educational component might be small in some schools/college, the process for making biodiesel in others is seen as a valuable teaching tool. Most of Colleges don’t have a lot of flexibility for customizing their curriculum. In fact, developing a curriculum around renewable fuels is becoming a priority at some colleges with a multidisciplinary approach. But they don’t have their own small-scale biodiesel plants and tools. The plant can provide students from multiple disciplines the opportunity to learn about and complete projects related to making biodiesel
Biodiesel Excites Students
The biodiesel education component at BBA is helping to fuel students’ passion for renewable energy. Having grown up in an era of uncertainty about climate change and energy supplies, the students who are involved in biodiesel education feel empowered. Having a local opportunity to make fuel, for most of them, is an opportunity to do something they want to feel like they are involved in being part of the solution. For some students, working with biodiesel is seen as a patriotic duty. Some students are interested in biodiesel because they want to be involved in energy policy while others, want to work in an applied science where they can see the results of their work during their lifetimes.
Worldwide Universities have the highest priorty to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society through social, economic and environmental development. Sustaiable development is a fundamental aspect in all research- intensive universities with focus on the sustainable use of biological natural  resourses.
Therefore in order to provide appropriate level of exposure the students we have designed biodiesel courses with a multidisciplinary approach to introduce biodiesel production and consumption on campuses and in college communities as a whole. We have developed a curriculum to train students to run biodiesel plants.From the school students to higher school, from undergraduate courses to graduate programs and from research projects to extension services we have drawn different customized curriculum on
  1. Elementary biodiesel science
  2. Secondary biodiesel science
  3. Biodiesel biology
  4. Biodiesel Agriculture
  5. Biodiesel physics
  6. Biodiesel chemistry
  7. Biodiesel mathematics
  8. Biodiesel economics
  9. Biodiesel management
  10. Biodiesel ecology

Biodiesel Classroom on Wheels

We have designed a flatbed mobile biodiesel van that includes all of the components required for making biodiesel. We have lots of requests for the van to be brought to school/college to provide a hands-on demonstration.

Creating Biodiesel laboratory in your campus

Teaching biodiesel especially in a laboratory setting makes perfect sense. It provides great hands-on experience, students get immediate feedback and it provides a great avenue for teaching concepts such as pollution prevention and resource conservation. We have the expertise to create and install biodiesel lab as per your requirement
The primary components of the program include participation by the schools/colleges, we know that there are schools just interested in teaching concepts, while others are ready to implement laboratory exercises and actually start producing biodiesel in small quantities who can make a real difference in the health of our environment and the quality of our future. Biodiesel education teaches students a different way of looking at the world around them.

Chemestry education kit


Developed by CJP researchers, the kit is an engaging way to apply the basic skills and principles of chemistry. It’s also useful for showing Students real-world chemistry applications and the growing importance of the alternative fuel industry. With the exception of readily available science class materials and equipment, the newly updated Nonfood Biodiesel Chemistry Education Kit comes with everything necessary for Group of 20 students – working in groups of two – to perform each of the six hands-on exercises and experiments
The interested college/unvercities/Schools may contact

How your college/school/university become involved

For those interested in becoming involved in the program there are 4 main ways:
  • Sponsor & send students to attend BBA programmes,

  • Purchase of small biodiesel reactor/equipment and create a biodiesel lab at college,

  • Become a BBA partner to promote and support the program, or

  • Call BBA’s Biodiesel Classroom on Wheels.

The interested school/college/students may contact us for further details
Mail to or Call +91 9829423333
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