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This particular room inside the academy is filled to the brim. With not only students but also the parents. Not all of them, thankfully, but a good amount of them. They all got a note this morning that they had to get here. Yet no one has any idea as to why. There’s not even a clue as to who send the letters. They just appeared in their mailboxes.

What’s even more concerning is the giant screen in place of the blackboard. Nobody has even seen a screen this big, slim, or high tech. It’s a mystery how it got there. There are guards around 24/7 and while this might be a holiday they would not cancel their duties.

Then as soon as the clock turned 10.00 the screen turns on. On the screen appears a blue line that moves as sounds are made. A robotic voice starts speaking.

‘Welcome.’ The voice is slightly feminine but robotic all the same.

‘What’s the purpose of this?’ Hiashi Hyuuga asks. Like everyone he was summoned here. He’s not exactly happy with the arrangement. He has better things to do on days like this.

‘The purpose varies from person to person. What you’re about to see are fragments. These fragments can be the past, present, or future. Do with them what you please.’ The robot explains to them. It receives a good amount of shocked faces.

Naruto in particular shouts out loud. He bounces in his usual seat. ‘The future! Like the actual future?’

‘Yes.’ The monotone voice of the robot does not change.

‘Who are you?’ Shikaku’s eyes narrow. There is something suspicious about this. Why does this thing claim to have the ability to show them the future?

‘My name is 35173.’ The newly named robot answers.

‘That’s too long.’ Rock Lee complains as he slumps down on the desk he’s seated at.

‘Then you may refer to me as Number.’ Pleased noises explode in the room.

‘I have a question.’ Naruto raises his hand. The rest look at him with dumbfounded faces. Why does he raise his hand in front of a robot?

‘Feel free to ask. That’s why I’m here.’

Naruto delves straight to the point. ‘Am I hokage in the future?’

‘Yes. And the fragments you will be seeing will detail your journey there.’ It makes the group think. The kids are scared. Naruto Hokage? What has to world come to for that to happen?

‘So, Naruto here is the main point of the future.’ The current Hokage says.

‘Something like that.’ Number pauses for a second. ‘Feel free to take notes. Lots of information will be revealed.’ There is something distinctly human about the way she phrases that.

‘I’ll do it.’ Shisui raises his hand. No one else does so he gets handed a notebook and a pen. He takes his seat once again and takes position to start taking notes.

‘Though not everything will be useful.’ Number then points out. The adults narrow their eyes at the device.

‘What’d you mean?’ Shikaku asks.

‘Some of them are simply for entertainment purposes.’

‘Won’t we waste a lot of time like this?’ Fugaku, who is still grumpy, asks. He’d rather be doing anything else right now.

‘The outside world is partially cut off. No time will be passing there. Also, you have been provided with food and sleeping quarters for those who desire.’ The robot must have been prepared for anything. Now it’s likely that they’ll have to stay here for multiple days if they went as far as to provide sleeping quarters.

‘Get us out of here.’ Hiashi yells at the device.

‘Wait, if this thing is really going to show us the future it might be better to watch.’ Tsume points out. Most of the others agree with her. Though some are still hesitant because of the presence of the kids. They are still young after all.

‘Let’s all calm down and watch. If what this thing told us is true, then this will only benefit us.’ The hokage tells everyone. This convinces everyone and they all take a seat. The kids are all seated next to each other. Then there are the parents. And then the leftover group which includes Itachi, Shisui, Iruka, Kakashi, and Jiraiya.

‘I’m already doubting the future in which that brat is Hokage.’ Shikaku mutters to himself. But someone overheard him.

‘What does that mean?’ Naruto yells at the man.

‘With his pranks and all. That would be such a drag.’ His son Shikamaru nods along. It makes a sense of pride rise in his chest. The rest of the people can only sigh. It’s to be expected from a Nara.

‘Can we get started already?’ Hiashi is tapping his foot on the floor. It annoys nearly everyone and takes an Akamaru to lay on his foot to stop.

‘This is taking forever.’ Fugaku mutters. He has to keep up the façade of the grumpy parent, even if he’s genuinely curious as to what the future might hold for his clan.

‘Let’s all take a seat and enjoy the show.’ They signal number to start playing. Next thing they know the screen lights up.

A number of fragments - Chapter 1 - eliescool (2024)
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