ExtraCare Rewards at the Pharmacy – Target | CVS (2024)

The Privacy Authorization allows CVS Pharmacy® to use your protected health information, such as the number of prescriptions you have filled, so that we can count your credits for purposes of giving you your reward.

A separate authorization is necessary for each person who opts in to earn rewards at the pharmacy. Adults 16 years and older must sign individually; parents or guardians can sign for children under 16.

No medical information about your health or prescriptions is shared at any time in connection with or to administer the benefit. When you first opt in, your ExtraCare® membership may be updated with the contact information in your pharmacy record (including your full name, address, email and phone number) so that we can communicate with you about rewards at the pharmacy, related new programs and offers.

No. Household members sharing the same ExtraCare® card will only be able to see the membership status for those who have joined, how many credits and rewards have been earned, and how they were earned. Specific medication information will not be visible.

CVS Pharmacy® will use the prescription number, store number, full date of birth and ExtraCare® card number to properly match online users with ExtraCare membership to ensure that earnings and rewards are recorded for the correct person.

Most signed authorizations do not expire. You'll only need to sign once at enrollment to start rewards at the pharmacy through your ExtraCare® membership.

However, members living in California must sign the Privacy Authorization every five years.

Canceling your Privacy Authorization will automatically opt you out of earning rewards at the pharmacy, but you'll still receive all other ExtraCare® benefits.

No. The Privacy Authorization you signed will remain in effect for 5 years from the date it was signed. You'll continue to earn under the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program until your Privacy Authorization expires. At that point, you'll need to sign again to stay in the program and keep earning.

How to join

No. You just need your existing card.

No. In order to protect your privacy, you must have an ExtraCare card to join. Your ExtraCare number is a unique number tied to your ExtraCare membership; phone numbers are not unique across all cards.

If you no longer have your card, you can contact ExtraCare Customer Service here

No. You can keep sharing the same card. However, only those family members who opted in to earn rewards at the pharmacy and signed the Privacy Authorization form can earn up to $50 in ExtraBucks Rewards® by filling prescriptions, getting vaccinations and more.

Benefits of joining

The rewards at the pharmacy benefit rewards you for taking charge of your health by completing select activities. These include filling prescriptions refills and getting vaccines. At Target, you have the option of earning a $2 Target merchandise coupon (Target coupon) or $2 ExtraBucks Rewards® each time you earn 4 credits (for example, by filling 4 prescriptions).

Yes. You must opt in to the rewards at the pharmacy benefit and sign the Privacy Authorization form to earn rewards for your prescription purchases. At least one prescription must be filled at a CVS Pharmacy® at Target location for you to redeem your reward for the $2 Target coupon. Ask a CVS® pharmacy team member for details.

Everyone can opt in. However, rewards can't be earned for prescriptions purchased in Arkansas, New Jersey or New York; on any prescriptions for controlled substances purchased in Hawaii or Louisiana; or on any prescriptions transferred to a CVS® Pharmacy in Alabama, Mississippi or Oregon.

No. It's FREE to join ExtraCare® and opt in to earn rewards at the pharmacy.

Your rewards

Yes. Your earnings will be applied to the ExtraCare® card that was used when you opted in to earn rewards at the pharmacy.

No. While you earn credits individually, the rewards will be paid out once the combined total of credits on the card reaches 4.

Benefit rewards will be available approximately one week after every 4 credits have been earned. At least one prescription must be filled at CVS Pharmacy® at Target to receive the $2 Target coupon. Once the reward is available, you'll need to pick it up in person at your next Target visit by stopping by the CVS Pharmacy counter.

Any reward redeemed, issued, printed in a CVS Pharmacy® location, or any reward sent to your ExtraCare card digitally, before your next Target visit can't be exchanged for the $2 Target coupon. This includes ExtraBucks Rewards® printed at CVS Pharmacy retail locations or the ExtraCare Coupon Center, or sent to your ExtraCare card via CVS.com® or the CVS Pharmacy® app.

The $2 Target coupon or ExtraBucks Rewards® from the rewards at the pharmacy benefit can be used on most non-pharmacy purchases. The Target coupon may only be used at Target stores and ExtraBucks Rewards may only be used at CVS Pharmacy® standalone stores.

Target coupon excludes alcohol, Apple products, Bose, clinic and pharmacy, dairy milk, DSLR cameras and lenses, Elf on the Shelf, gift cards, Google products, GoPro, LEGO, mobile contracts, prepaid cards, Sonos, Target Optical, Tylenol pain relief and Weber.

Rewards earned under the ExtraCare® program are limited to $50 value annually per person whether they are redeemed through Target coupons or CVS Pharmacy® ExtraBucks Rewards®. Balances will reset on December 31 each year.

Yes, you can choose to receive ExtraBucks Rewards® once you’ve earned a reward and it’s ready to be issued. Rewards will print on your receipt at CVS Pharmacy® standalone stores and at the ExtraCare® Coupon Center. You'll also be able to send them to your card through CVS.com® and the CVS Pharmacy app.

Remember, any reward redeemed, printed or sent to your ExtraCare® card via the CVS Pharmacy® app can't be exchanged for the Target $2 coupon.

Yes. All balances reset at the end of each calendar year.

ExtraCare Rewards at the Pharmacy – Target | CVS (2024)
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