Runescape Best Proteans (2024)

Protean hides, bars, and planks: oh my! Not sure which useful protean to pull out of that blue Treasure Hunter crate?

Just like body builders need lots of protein to power up their workouts, Runescape skillers need proteans to max out their gains. Protean items come in all shapes and sizes: cogs, memories, traps, planks, logs, hides, and bars. But, not all proteans are created equal. When you get that lucky large protean pack from Treasure Hunter, what kind should you choose?

Each protean grants experience in a particular skill. Hides give Crafting XP, bars give Smithing XP, planks give Construction XP, and so on. Protean logs can be used for Fletching or Firemaking training, or you can turn them into planks at a sawmill. If you get a protean you don’t want, you can exchange them for another kind at a 3:2 ratio.

When choosing the right protean for you, consider a few things. First, what is the traditional training method like for the skill? Is it click intensive? How much experience can you gain per hour? Is it expensive?

Contrast that with the protean method for skill training. Do the proteans grant more XP, or at a faster rate? Do they save you lots of cash? Do they make the training easier?

Based on those considerations, here are how the proteans stack up.

Protean Memories and Cogs: Don't Bother

Runescape Best Proteans (1)

Memories and cogs aren’t really worth your time. They take more time to process than other proteans. Plus, the experience from memories and cogs don’t really surpass traditional Divination and Invention training methods.

For example, if you have 95 Divination, a clan avatar boost, decorated urns, and the full divination outfit, you will gain approximately 144,825 experience per hour with protean memories. With lower levels, you’ll get less. But what happens if you use the same equipment at the Hall of Memories? At just level 85 Divination, you’ll gain about 130,000 experience per hour. In XP terms, protean memories just don’t measure up.

Protean Logs: Take It or Leave It

Runescape Best Proteans (2)

Don’t get me wrong—protean logs aren’t a bad choice. If you want to train both fletching and Firemaking at the same time, they’re the best choice available. But if you’re training Firemaking or Fletching separately, it’s better to train traditionally.

Here’s why: logs for fletching and Firemaking are relatively cheap (excluding Elders). Magic logs, for example, cost ~388 coins. At 75 Firemaking, adding them to a bonfire gains 309.5 XP per log. That’s a cost of 1.25 coins per experience gained—a low cost-to-XP ratio. Protean logs grant 354 XP per bonfire at level 99, so they don’t hold a big XP advantage.

Similarly, fletching with magic logs actually yields a profit. An unstrung magic shieldbow sells for ~438 coins. Even purchasing the unstrung shieldbows and stringing them (a much faster XP rate) still gains a little profit (material cost of 695 coins, selling for 907 coins).

Traditional training for Firemaking and fletching is both cost-effective and relatively quick. Got a stack of protean logs? Consider converting them into planks at a sawmill for only 5 coins each.

Protean Traps: A Good Choice

Runescape Best Proteans (3)

If in doubt, protean traps are a safe bet simply because they’re convenient. They give a moderate experience boost over traditional training, too. Your hunting success rate increases, and each successful catch grants an extra 25% XP. Even failed catches earn 50% of the XP you would have gotten.

You don’t have to bait or smoke these traps. The best part? Clicking the “auto-deploy” option lets you sit back and relax. Your avatar will redeploy fallen traps and lay new ones—no clicking needed.

Protean Planks: A Great Choice

Runescape Best Proteans (4)

If you find traditional Construction training tedious (who doesn’t?), then protean planks are a necessity. They substitute for any kind of plank, awarding experience for the plank it replaces. Making an oak chair? You’ll earn 60 experience per plank. A mahogany bench? That’s 140 experience per plank.

Protean planks don’t grant any additional experience over traditional training. But, they make Construction training much less tedious. Normally, a player must make repeated trips to a bank for supplies or send a servant to do so. Protean planks stack in the inventory, eliminating those pesky bank trips.

Your best bet is to save protean planks for mahogany Construction items. This approach will give you the most experience.

Protean Hides: An Excellent Choice

Runescape Best Proteans (5)

Getting 99 Crafting is a cinch—if you’ve got the money for it. At level 85, players can make black dragonhide shields. This method grants around 550,000 XP per hour, but there’s a catch: each shield costs a whopping 5,000 coins to make. That cost totals to 8 million coins per hour!

There are cheaper methods to train Crafting. Some, like crafting urns, will even gain a profit. However, the experience rates are considerably slower.

Protean hides are the best of both: they’re free, and their experience rate is excellent. Crafting protean hides at level 85 grants about 282,000 experience each hour. The best part? Since you can craft 60 proteans with a single click, they’re an afk Crafting method.

Protean Bars: The Best Choice

Runescape Best Proteans (6)

Protean bars have it all: they’re cost-effective, grant good XP, and they turn Smithing training. into a click-less endeavor.

One of the best methods for traditional Smithing training is making adamant platebodies. If you use a Pack Yak, a bank chest near an anvil, and bank presets, you could gain 360,000 XP each hour. But, it’s an intensive method, and you have to buy or collect all the materials yourself. The net cost of making each platebody is nearly 4,000 coins.

Once you hit level 85 Smithing, protean bars grant 450 XP each. This totals to 337,500 experience per hour at no cost! If in doubt, protean bars are the way to go.

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Runescape Best Proteans (2024)


What is the best use of Protean traps? ›

Protean traps offer high Hunter experience rates, outperforming other Hunter training methods except for catching speedy whirligigs. They are best used on carrion jadinkos. Like other protean items, their use is highly AFK.

What to use Protean on? ›

Protean planks and unstable protean planks can be used at a construction hotspot or a workbench in player-owned house, or at a portable workbench, and give scaling experience but no items. 60 protean planks can be used at once in the Make-X interface.

How many proteans per hour RS3? ›

60 protean protein can be used at once in the Make-X interface. Each protein takes 4.8 seconds to process (4.2 seconds with a protean powerup). Thus, a maximum of 750 protein can be used per hour without protean powerups, or 857 per hour with powerups.

How much XP do Protean bars give? ›

LevelMetalXP per bar
6 more rows

Do Protean powerups work with protean traps? ›

The powerup has no effect on protean traps.

What do protean cogs do? ›

A stackable cog that can be used to train your Invention. Protean cogs are protean items used to train Invention.

What should I use protean logs for? ›

This is a stackable log that can be used for Firemaking and/or Fletching XP based on your level in the skill(s). Protean logs are items that can be used to gain experience in Firemaking and/or Fletching.

What to use protean planks on rs3? ›

This is a stackable plank that can be worked for Construction XP based on your Construction level. Protean planks are items won on Treasure Hunter. They can be interacted with either a construction hotspot or a workbench in player-owned house, or a portable workbench, which gives experience but no items.

Where to use Protean Hides RS3? ›

Protean hides are used to earn Crafting experience without creating any items, rewarded from Treasure Hunter. Crafting catalysts can be used with protean hides. Protean hides, as with all protean items, can be converted at a 3:2 ratio into other protean items.

How many hours does it take to get a 99 in Runescape? ›

Start by training attack, then defence, then strength. Train on chickens until 30 in all stats. At level 50, kill deadly red spiders all the way to 99, make sure you have at least a rune weapon by now and bring plenty of food. 99 should take around 120-130 hours.

How much XP is 99 rs3? ›

The maximum level for most skills is level 99 which is achieved at 13,034,431 experience.

Where to use Protean Essence? ›

Protean essence is a stackable item that can be used to gain experience in Runecrafting. In order to use the essence, the player must craft runes on a runecrafting altar with at least one essence in their backpack. Runecrafting in this way does not yield any runes.

Can you get golden shards from Protean? ›

Players can receive shards, even if the XP for the relevant skill has been blocked by speaking with Nastroth. The shard for the Buy task can be bought either for 25,000,000 coins or 10,000 protean items.

Are protean bars good for you? ›

Protein bars provide a quick and convenient source of protein and calories and can help increase your intake of essential nutrients. They can be a more filling alternative to less nutritious snack foods. Protein bars might also help support health goals and improve nutrient intake.

Can you get golden rocks from Protean? ›

Wield the crystal saw made with harmony dust to double your chance of getting a rock. Protean planks work to receive golden rocks.

Do protean traps give Hunter marks? ›

Protean traps can be used to receive hunter marks using any of the above applicable methods. A one-time gift of 25 hunter marks can be obtained giving back the engraved compass to Irwinsson. This requires the player to collect the compass arrow from Big Game Hunter and the broken compass at Irwinsson's shipwreck.

Where to use Protean Memories? ›

A stackable memory that can be used to train your Divination. The protean memory is a Divination training item that can be won from Treasure Hunter. They may be converted for Divination experience at an energy rift, with the amount awarded dependent upon the level of the rift used.

Where do you use Protean essence? ›

Protean essence is a stackable item that can be used to gain experience in Runecrafting. In order to use the essence, the player must craft runes on a runecrafting altar with at least one essence in their backpack. Runecrafting in this way does not yield any runes.

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