The Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - The Ultimate Guide (2024)

The Five of Cups is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana.

Below you will learn everything about its meaning both in the upright and reversed position.

In addition to the general interpretation, the topics of love, health, career, finances and destiny are also explained in detail.

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The Five of Cups Keywords

Upright: Disappointment, Mistake, Regret, Pessimism
Reversed: Forgiveness, Triumph, Positive, Awakening

The Five of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Five of Cups Tarot card shows a man staring at Three Fallen Cups. The person is wrapped in a black cloak so that his face and body are barely visible.

The cloak symbolizes deep sadness and disappointment and reveals a pessimistic attitude.

Three goblets have fallen over and their contents have emptied on the ground. They stand for disappointment, failures and losses in our lives that can hit anyone.

Behind the man, however, two chalices are still standing upright, showing that with every failure, new opportunities and potentials arise at the same time.

But the man is so fixated on his losses that he does not perceive the opportunities that present themselves to him and remains in his regret.

In the background, we see a river running through the landscape. The water symbolizes the constant movement in our cosmos. Despite negative experiences that we humans make, the stream of life flows on.

A white bridge appears on the horizon, revealing a path to the other bank.

That would enable the man to set out for new shores and leave his burdens from the past behind.

Furthermore, a city or a castle rises in the distance, where the man could seek refuge and shelter after a long journey.

Unfortunately, the black-clothed person does not see all the nine possibilities for departure and instead remains in the past with his losses.

Upright Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Cups Tarot card stands for a deep disappointment you had to experience. An important project for you has unexpectedly developed in an unfavorable direction, so you are disappointed and sad.

Instead of looking forward to the next opportunities that already wait for you, you remain in your regrets and sadness that paralyze you.

Failures and missed opportunities are part of our lives that we must learn to deal with and rise above.

Disappointments always have something good about them, as they free us from a delusion we have succumbed to and open our eyes to new experiences.

Through these new experiences, we learn to better cope with future challenges in life and grow beyond ourselves.

Another meaning of the Five of Cups is a pessimistic attitude towards our destiny.

Failures and life crises often come together in clusters and give us the feeling that we are cursed with bad luck.

We hardly trust ourselves with anything and look with worry and doubt into our future. Therefore we focus too much on the negative aspects of our lives and miss new opportunities that arise before our eyes.

Only if we have the will to leave the past behind and the courage to set out for new shores, our basic attitude will change decisively, whereby we regain more self-confidence and go positively into our future.

The Five of Cups reveals that we focus too much on our mistakes. Doing something wrong is still associated with many negative associations these days. A mistake is rather seen as an expression of failure or one’s own inability.

Therefore we hardly trust ourselves to do anything because we don’t want to fall back into this negative evaluation spiral. But making mistakes is the most important prerequisite for learning anything at all.

They show us in which areas we can still improve and indirectly lead us to the right solution. Therefore, cherish your mistakes and allow yourself to do something wrong. Only then you will be able to exploit your full potential and learn throughout your life.

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Upright Five of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


In a love tarot reading, the Five of Cups represents deep mourning for past relationships. Many singles do not manage to enter into a new relationship because they mourn a past partnership and want to bring back the beautiful feelings of that time again.

We sometimes forget that there were also many negative sides in a past partnership, which finally led to the break.

New opportunities to fall in love are like the two chalices on the map, right behind us, but we can not or do not want to perceive them.

Only by realizing that previous relationships and the feelings associated with them belong to our past, we can open our hearts to a new love in the here and now.

A negative attitude of expectation in the search for a partner is also an aspect of the Five of Cups.

Especially if you have experienced a lot of rejection in the past, this has a negative effect on your self-concept and thus on the dating process.

Try to learn from your failures and do not have too high expectations that hinder you, but simply look forward to meeting new people.


In a relationship, the Five of Cups symbolizes a great disappointment in a partner. Especially when there is a lack of trust or support in the relationship, the common foundation that has been built over a long period of time is deeply shaken.

Disappointments reveal to us character traits of our partner that were previously hidden and from which we can now learn. The longer we are together with another person, the more we get to know their innermost.

Disappointments are a natural part of any partnership in this process of getting to know each other, as they show us our partner as he really is and not as we might like him to be.

Another meaning of the Five of Cups in the Love Tarot is a pessimistic attitude towards one’s partnership. That may stem from the fact that we have experienced negative relationship breakups in many phases of our lives and conclude that this must go on forever.

But we can actively work to make our relationships rich in positive experiences and transform a pessimistic attitude into optimism.

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Upright Five of Cups Health Meaning

In health matters, the Five of Cups reveals that you see little improvement in current ailments. Especially with chronic diseases, you have lost faith that your symptoms will improve.

Nevertheless, do not sink into self-pity, but lead your life with the disease and make the best of it.

In addition, the Five of Cups can indicate mistakes made during treatment or prophylaxis.

The recovery process will be significantly slowed down or even hindered. Try to have the mistakes corrected by a professional as soon as possible so you do not suffer long-term damage.

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Upright Five of Cups Career Meaning

In a professional context, the Five of Cups reflects a bitter disappointment that weighs heavily on you. That can range from a lack of a salary increase to a dismissal.

Even though such a setback is painful, you should not be discouraged by it. Learn from such negative experiences and use your knowledge to get your career back on track.

The Five of Cups may also indicate a serious mistake on your part in your job. As a result, you can expect consequences like a performance review or a warning.

Making mistakes is human and you should admit it without discussing it. By doing so, you show your counterpart that you reflect on your behavior and are willing to take responsibility.

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Upright Five of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

In financial matters, the Five of Cups represents a setback in your monetary plans. Such a financial loss is painful, but it also teaches you to be more prudent in the future.

Often many small setbacks are the foundation for later secure prosperity, as long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes.

Another aspect of the Five of Cups is that you are looking back too much and mourning missed opportunities that might have helped you prosper today.

But if you dwell only on the past, you will miss new opportunities that can give you financial security. Leave your disappointments behind and see what opportunities are right in front of you and just start.

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Upright Five of Cups Destiny Meaning

For your destiny, the Five of Cups means that you live too much in the past and mourn missed opportunities.

You regret too much your own mistakes instead of considering them as a valuable source of knowledge. Turn your disappointment into new hopes and use past experiences to make your dreams come true.

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Upright Five of Cups Personality

The Five of Cups symbolizes a pessimistic character. The person rather assumes that things will fail him and looks very discontentedly into his own future.

Furthermore, this refers to a person who is quick to let disappointments in life get him down. Instead of looking at the positive aspects of failures, he focuses only on the negative sides.

Upright Five of Cups Tarot Past/Future


You regret decisions you made in the past. However, they can still be useful if you learn from them.

Mistakes from past times are still present in your life. Try to finally correct them and free yourself from the associated burdens of the past.


You can expect bitter disappointment from another person soon. You should reconsider your relationship with each other at that time at the latest.

You are very pessimistic about an upcoming challenge. Do not only see the bad sides but actively look for positive signals.

Upright Five of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

You are very afraid of making the same mistakes as you did in the past. Therefore, to avoid another disappointment a clear no makes the most sense.

However, the Five of Cups encourages you to be aware of a fundamentally pessimistic answering tendency in this matter and pay attention to changing circ*mstances.

Reversed Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - The Ultimate Guide (2)

The Five of Cups Reversed is a signal of departure into a new phase of life. Especially after difficult challenges or losses that lie behind you, now is the time for a new direction.

Grief and regret are important parts of our existence and they should be given space accordingly.

It is much more important to get back up after a fall in life and continue to follow your destiny. By accepting your past painful experiences as part of your life story, you can set out on new paths.

As depicted on the card, the next chalices or opportunities are waiting right in front of your eyes. You just have to look carefully and seize the opportunity.

The Five of Cups Reversed Tarot card indicates that we should practice forgiveness. On the one hand, this concerns people around us who have incurred guilt and are suffering because of it.

By accepting a sincere apology, we allow our counterparts to unburden themselves and repair the relationship with each other.

On the other hand, forgiveness concerns not being too hard on yourself by forgiving your mistakes.

When we can forgive ourselves, we can develop a positive self-image and learn to accept ourselves with all our faults.

The Five of Cups Reversed symbolizes a positive attitude towards life. You see the cup half full rather than half empty, which enables you to find something positive in every difficult situation in life.

Through such a positive attitude you will trust yourself more when confronted with new challenges and master them with great certainty.

Your immediate environment will also be infected by your confidence and optimism, which will transfer your positive attitude to many other people.

A simple exercise to become more mindful of the positive things in life is to consciously think of three beautiful and pleasant events that happened to you today shortly before you go to bed.

Reversed Five of Cups Tarot Love Meaning


The Five of Cups Reversed Tarot card means for you, as a single person, that it is time to leave and look for a new relationship. Look ahead and see what opportunities are opening up in your immediate environment.

Instead of looking at the three calyxes on the ground, take the upright calyxes and see the opportunity that love offers you.

You will automatically radiate more self-confidence and thus appear more attractive and appealing to those around you, by deciding to become active and find new love.

Another meaning of the Five of Cups Reversed is a positive attitude towards love. You are at peace with yourself and can accept yourself as a person with all your strengths and weaknesses.

Through this form of self-love, it is easy for you to focus on the positive aspects of your fellow human beings. Through this, you can quickly gain sympathy and establish new relationships.


In a relationship, the Five of Cups Reversed Tarot card represents a common milestone or triumph in your partnership.

Such a triumph may be, for example, the purchase of a house, a long-planned vacation, or having children of your own. In any case, this triumph would never have come about if you were not working so well and harmoniously together.

Instead of looking at your partner’s faults, you focus on the strengths and positive sides, which enables you to complement each other wonderfully.

The Five of Cups Reversed card stands for forgiving our partner. In every relationship, some situations or conflicts hurt and offend a partner.

With a sincere apology, you should practice and accept forgiveness so that your wounds can heal and you can grow together more.

If you miss the opportunity to forgive, your feelings of sadness and anger will continue to accumulate and eventually endanger the partnership.

Reversed Five of Cups Health Meaning

The Five of Cups Reversed represents a long-awaited breakthrough in the treatment of an illness. Although you had almost lost faith in a cure or relief of your symptoms, your health is improving.

Support this healing process by actively promoting your recovery with renewed vigor, for example, through sports or a different diet.

Furthermore, the reversed Five of Cups stands for adopting new routines beneficial to your health. Set new goals for how you want to strengthen your well-being, like jogging or walking regularly and integrate these firmly into your everyday life.

Every positive change in your life starts with a first step. It will have a positive effect on your health in the long run.

Reversed Five of Cups Career Meaning

For your career, the Five of Cups Reversed means that you are in an upbeat mood and want to break new ground in your job.

Take advantage of opportunities that arise to take your dream job or take the step into self-employment. Your initial motivation will help you to successfully master the first, sometimes difficult steps in your new professional career.

In addition, the Five of Cups Reversed stands for great success in your job. For example, you have received a promotion that you have been working towards for a long time. Use the joy of your triumph to give your best at work with new drive and fresh motivation.

Reversed Five of Cups Finances/Money Meaning

The Five of Cups Reversed Tarot card encourages you to manage your finances with a positive attitude. That includes setting realistic goals for saving, for example, that you will definitely achieve.

The more of your goals you achieve, the more you will have confidence in yourself in the future. A positive attitude is therefore a sure way to secure a high level of prosperity in the long run.

Furthermore, the Five of Cups Reversed stands for achieving a long-desired goal. That can be, for example, the payment of a large loan or the achievement of a savings goal.

In any case, you should enjoy your success and be aware of how much you can achieve if you only consistently pursue your goals.

Reversed Five of Cups Destiny Meaning

The Five of Cups Reversed signifies a new dawn for your destiny. With a positive attitude, you will finally make your dreams come true.

The more of your goals you achieve, the stronger your self-efficacy grows and you will be able to move mountains.

Reversed Five of Cups Personality

In the reversed position, the Five of Cups reveals someone who can forgive her own mistakes. This kind of self-care is important for learning from one’s weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

Moreover, it stands for a personality that always sees the positive sides in life. Thus, even difficult challenges can be reinterpreted in a meaningful way.

Reversed Five of Cups Tarot Past/Future


In the past, you have made some decisions that you regret. Learn to forgive yourself so that you can look forward again.

Past successes can give you new strength and confidence before upcoming projects. Your past triumphs often hold the key to future endeavors.


A positive attitude will help you with upcoming challenges. You are already preparing yourself for future success.

You are about to embark on a bright future. Use your rich experience and knowledge to make the most of this opportunity.

Reversed Five of Cups Tarot Card – Yes or No

You have a consistently positive basic feeling about your question. It promises you the possibility of a new beginning, which will bring you further on your way.

In this respect, nothing stands in the way of a clear yes. On the contrary, everything in you wants to solve this question in your sense.

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