The June and Rocket Dance (2024)

The June and Rocket Dance is a song where Princess June performs a ballet with Rocket, the new Prince Charming.


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    • 3.3 Verse 3: Twist and Turn
    • 3.4 Verse 4: The Big Dancing Finish
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Song Summary[]

After trying to fit the glass slipper, Leo, Annie and Quincy prepare to sing the June and Rocket Dance to begin the ball by doing the side to side swaying down the Austrian alps, then down, up, up dance under the Danube river, third, the twist and turn dance from sewing the dress, and lastly, the big dancing finish.

Characters Singing[]

  • Leo
  • Annie
  • Quincy


Verse 1: Sway Side to Side[]

Annie: ♪Sway side to side♪

Leo and Quincy: ♪Sway side to side♪

Annie: ♪To help Rocket Glide♪

Leo and Quincy: ♪Help Rocket Glide♪

Verse 2: Down, Up, Up[]

Annie: ♪Down, Up, Up you fly!♪

Leo and Quincy: ♪Down, Up, you fly!♪

Annie: ♪Sow low and so high!♪

Leo and Quincy: ♪So low, so high!♪

Verse 3: Twist and Turn[]

Annie: ♪We twist and we turn!♪

Leo and Quincy: ♪We twist and turn!♪

Annie: ♪The Dance we did learn!♪

Leo and Quincy: ♪The Dance we learn!♪

Verse 4: The Big Dancing Finish[]

Annie: ♪You're doing the dance!♪

Leo and Quincy: ♪Do the Dance!!♪

Annie: ♪Do The June and Rocket Dance!♪♪




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The June and Rocket Dance (2024)
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