Annie (Little Einsteins) (2024)

Annie is one of the two tritagonists of Little Einsteins (the other being Quincy). She is Leo's younger sister.


This cheerful young girl is a wonderful singer, coming up with song lyrics off the top of her head. Annie's pride and joy is a portable microphone, which she always carries with her. She loves animals almost as much as she enjoys singing while in music. She's the only person, besides Leo, to have ever piloted Rocket.


Annie is a young girl around 4 years of age, the smallest of the group. She has blonde hair styled into pigtails with pink hairbows. She wears a overall blue jean dress (pink in Season 2) and a green undershirt (pastel blue in Season 2). She wears a pair of purple and pink Converse-styled shoes (blue and white shoes in Season 2). Her dress is usually accompanied by a front sole pocket and sewns down the side.


Her friends are Leo, Quincy, June, and Rocket. She also has other friends, but they are not human: a few of her friends include Little Caterpillar, Little Red Train, and Purple Plane.


As the youngest of the quartet, Annie is the singer behind the group. Annie is defined as always adventurous. She is also described that she might be the youngest but she is the bravest. Annie resides with her brother Leo, a redheaded child the leader of the team. Both Annie and Leo do everything beside each other. Annie has an affection for balloons, singing, and horses. She, like the rest of the team, seems to have arachnophobia. During “Our Huge Adventure” Annie and the team faced their arachnophobia to save a bundle of butterflies and then easily fled the scene.

Annie loves her friends and will do anything for them. During the events of "Annie's Solo Mission",Leo, Quincy, and June were blowing large bubbles and got caught inside one. Using Leo's flying lessons, Annie flew Rocket around the world by herself to get them.

Annie also seems to be small-minded at points, pointing out the obvious in situations. She also dislikes being smaller than normal as seen in "The Incredible Shrinking Adventure". She recently never know the definition of "mission" as seen in "How We Became the Little Einsteins: The True Story" but learned it thanks to her friend June.

In season 1 at some points, Annie's singing was not the best (even though she is the singer of the group) but it matured through the progress of season 2. Annie was originally going to be country like during the early stages of the series wearing cowboy boots and having freckles. Her looks different from her sibling Leo who has tan skin and green eyes. Sometime during animation, Leo and Annie both had major redesigns making them closer to having a family relationship.

Annie seems fond of her friends and appreciates their company. Annie also may have thalassophobia as seen in "Quincy and the Magic Instruments" as she constantly shouts when talking to Quincy waving her hands at the same time. Annie also is a very bubbly-like girl, constantly giggling at points. All Leo, Quincy, June, and Rocket congratulate and cheer for Annie when she sings. Annie is good at improvising, she can make and sing songs right off the spot. Commonly used when the team is off to save or help a creature or even when the team is feeling down.

During season 1 Annie sang with the singing posture of placing her hand on her chest and with one hand in the air. In season 2, she granted access to a microphone which she sang louder. Although being one season, but not with a microphone, Annie gets down when her microphone is missing and loses her wish when doing so.

Throughout the series, Annie overtook new hobbies and interests such as her obsession with horses. She has befriended other singing animals normally animals or creatures that are down. Annie uses her voice to cheer up the creature and get them in a go-get-em mood.

Annie is also very intelligent for her age, knowing big words that a normal toddler would never know. This is seen roughly through season 2 as during season 1, Annie struggled with her words asking June for assistance. Annie can speak to animals through singing, seen in many episodes. Annie will know if the animal is down or happy by the tone of the animal's vocals. Usually, if the tone is high they could be happy or scared, if it is low it may be mad or sad. When Annie identifies the tone, she will make sure to help the animal is pleased. She also can do this with Rocket, identifying tones of Rocket's singing.

She is fully optimistic, finding everything in her surroundings nice and loves everything. She gets amazed by the slightest of things. This also can be seen when in "The Treasure Behind the Little Red Door" when she faced her fear from "Our Huge Adventure" (spiders) to befriend a smiling spider.

Annie (Little Einsteins) (2024)
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