Little Einsteins: The Satanic Melody (2024)

(Narrated by Jewel Sparkles from Lalaloopsy)

So me and my 8 friends were just minding our own business until a package was on the table.

”Who left this package here?” I asked.

”I’m not sure, Jewel!” Peanut said.

”Maybe you should open it.” Dot told me.

I then opened the package to reveal a Little Einsteins DVD.

It was titled “Little Einsteins: The Complete 2nd Season!”.

The cover had Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and Rocket on a background of the rocket room with the Curious Pictures and Baby Einstein Company logos on the bottom left, the Disney Junior logo on the top right and the Playhouse Disney logo on the bottom right.

”A Little Einsteins


We decided to invite Bob and Larry from VeggieTales in the City to watch it.

They then came by.

“Hiya girls!” Bob greeted. “Thanks for inviting us!”.

”You’re welcome!” Spot thanked.

”So you ready to watch it?” Larry asked.

”We are!” Dot said.

Dot placed the disc player as it started with the Walt Disney Home Entertainment and Playhouse Disney Original logos, but they were off.

Both Logos were horror themed.

The Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo came on, it had the background crimson, the words were red, and as the orchestral note hit, an evil laugh was heard.

The Playhouse Disney Original logo came up, but the sky was crimson, the grass was on fire, the Sun and Bird were demons, (Sun had his eyes bloodshot, he had sharp teeth, his Sun parts were covered in blood, the bird had his eye red mist, he had a creepy smile), the tree was soaked in blood while it was wilted, the demon bird didn’t mind it, the logo was in shades of red and black, there were faint whispers heard in the background like “You will never Escape from them” “There’s nowhere to run or hide” “You can’t stop them.” Etc, The Music was replaced with a Satanic and slowed version of the Game Over theme from Sonic.EXE.

”I don’t remember the Playhouse Disney logo being like that!” Peanut said.

”Me too!” Bea agreed.

Then it showed DVD previews from past Playhouse Disney shows such as My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and more.

It then showed the menu.


”Relax, team. I got this!” Leo said as he chanted some demonic gibberish.

We then started to get confused on what Leo was doing.

”Uh, girls?” Bob asked. “What’s he doing?”

”I don’t know, Bob.” I said.

”Me neither!” Larry agreed.

After Leo chanted the demonic gibberish, a satanic star came into the shot.

”What happened!?!” June gasped. “Leo, what have you done!?!”

Just then, the star was revealed to be a satanic entity.

”Woah!” Larry stuttered. “What is that!?!”.

”It’s a Satanic Entity!” Dot told Larry.

The Satanic Entity had a maroon body, blood on its hands, he had a satanic ritual on its body, and

”Hello fools.” The Satanic Entity greeted in the voice of Sheldon J. Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants.

“Who are you?” Annie asked.

”I’m a Satanic Entity.” The Satanic Entity introduced himself.

”What brings you here, Mr. Satanic Entity?” Quincy asked.

”I’m not here to interrupt your quiet time… I’m here for new vessels!” The Satanic Entity berated.

”Wait… WHAT!?!” Leo gasped.

”Who could your next vessels be?” June whimpered.

”This one is Gonna Be First!” The Satanic Entity said as he pointed at Quincy. “Also, you 4 are next!”

“What? Me!?!” Quincy gasped.

”Us!?!” June gasped.

The Satanic Entity grabbed Quincy and started choking him.

He screamed as he was coughing blood.

He then used some force to grow 4 tentacles and grabbed Leo, June, Annie and Rocket.

They started screaming as they were being choked.

As they were being choked, their looks changed.

The Einsteins now had their clothes in shades of crimson and black, they had their eyes were

Rocket now had his antenna soaked in blood, his lights were broken, he was rusted, and his boosters were damaged.


It then got to the curtain call segment, but it was off.

The stage was in shades of maroon, the stage was crimson, there were satanic symbols all over it, the stage was soaked in blood and the Einsteins and Rocket were still evil, and the music was satanic.

”It’s time for… THE CURTAIN CALL!” Leo announced demonically.

The curtains then opened up


The curtains closed but as they were about to close all the way, something opened them back up.

We were confused on what

”What’s going on?” Leo asked. “Isn’t the episode over?”


”We do?” Rocket asked as he flew in.

”Yeah!” Annie said.

”Who is the culprit for making a few of our victims run away?” June asked. “But then, we used our satanic powers to stop their escaping.”

”It was those 9 girls!” Quincy pointed out.

”Thanks, Quincy.” Leo corrected.

They then faced us.

”You had interfered with our plans and now it’s time for you to pay the price!” Annie berated.

”How are you going to do it?” I asked, unafraid.

”First, you are 4 kids and a rocketship who got possessed by a satanic entity. Second, you don’t know where we are. And third, you’re just some kind of satanic people that would not kill us.” Mittens berated.

”Oh, really?” Quincy asked.

”Rocket, do you know where they live?” Leo asked.

”I think I do!” Rocket said.

Rocket held up a sign that had a picture of our place.

We were doxed for the 5th time, first was George's Revenge, second was George the Monkey Demon, The Third was Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn Jr, Lisa, Lola, Lana and Lucy the Loud Demons, The Fourth was The Demon Cat, AND NOW THE LITTLE EINSTEINS GANG!

“How did you get that!?!” Pillow gasped.

”We know everything, now we’re gonna exit your DVD player and kill you now!” Leo said. “To Rocket!”.

Leo, June, Annie and Quincy got on Rocket and sang “We’ve Got a Mission”, but they were demonic.

The curtains then closed.

It showed the post curtain call segment, but it was off.

It was silent for 1 minute, until the Satanic Einsteins came out of the curtains as they were laughing demonically as they were about to escape the TV.

”WHERE IS THE REMOTE!?!” Dot gasped.

”I found it!” Bob said.

Bob then skipped to the credits, in which they were off.

The background was crimson with fire, the text was red, and the music was satanic.

The Logos came Up, but they were also off.

The Curious Pictures logo came up but the question mark was replaced with a Satanic symbol, the text was red and in a

The Baby Einstein Company logo came up, but the background was the same one from the credits, the boy’s head was a demon, the logo was in shades of red, and the text was black.

The Playhouse Disney Original logo came up, but it was just like the opening.

Little Einsteins: The Satanic Melody (2024)
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