Little Einsteins: Annie and June’s Killing Spree (2024)

NOTE: A sequel to Little Einsteins: Leo and June’s Murdering Spree and it will be narrated by Thomas the Tank Engine from Thomas and Friends.

So If You Dont Know What Little Einsteins Is, the show is about these 4 Kids Named Leo, Annie, June and Quincy who go on adventures with their red rocketship named Rocket and help their friends with the viewer.

But However, there was an episode that made us stop watching the show for a while.

It was a good night at Tidmouth Sheds, where me, James, Percy, Gordon, Emily, Henry, Edward and Toby were getting ready for bed when suddenly, I noticed a package with Annie on it.

”This character seems familiar.” I said to Percy.

”Is that a package?” Sir Topham Hatt asked me.

”Yep, sir!” Thomas said.

”Do you know what’s inside?” James asked.

”I’m not sure, but let’s see.” Sir Topham Hatt said.

He Then Got A Pair Of Scissors And Opened It Up, and to our surprise, it was a Little Einsteins DVD.

The DVD was called ‘Little Einsteins: The Best of Annie!’.

The Cover Had Annie in a dark blue background doing her singing.

”Wow it’s a Little Einsteins DVD!” Percy gasped.

”Buffling boilers! I like the show!” Henry said.

Sir Topham Hatt then put the disc in as it started with the Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo, but it was off.

The Background Was Crimson, The Text was red, the Star was rusted and when the orchestral note hit, a shortened screaming noise from a man was heard.

After That The Playhouse Disney Original logo came up, but it was also different.

The Sky Was Blood red, the sun and bird were injured with the Sun having a bandage, the logo had a face and it was a worried one.

After Those Weird Logos, it showed some DVD previews from past Playhouse Disney shows.

It Then Showed The Menu.

The Menu Had Annie on the stage singing.

He Then Pressed Play All.

Here Are The Episodes In Order:

  1. Annie's Solo Mission
  2. Farmer Annie
  3. Annie, Get Your Microphone!
  4. Annie and the Beanstalk
  5. Annie and the Little Toy Plane

After Those Episodes A Warning Came Up Which Said:

”We hate to stop singing with Annie here, but this episode was supposed to promote “Babysitter Wanted”, which was rejected for being too disturbing, and goes by the name of Ezio Goodman, who was later fired for making it. This also contains content which is not suitable for younger viewers. Let the singing fun with Annie begin! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.”

”Bust my buffers!” I said.

It Then Showed The Theme Song from Season 2, but the show’s logo was in shades of red, the sky was maroon and the music was demonic, No one didn’t notice it.

It Then Showed The Show's Logo Again Still In Shades Of Red.

The curtains closed and the intro ended.

”Ready?” Leo whispered.

The title card came down and it read out ‘Annie and June’s Killing Spree’ And Quincy Was The One Who's Reading It.

June Then Came In.

”Art.” June Spoke.

The Art Came Down To Reveal the painting named ‘Pandemonium’ By John Martin.

”Pandemonium.” June said. “Painted by John Martin.”

The Picture of John Martin came down.

“And music…” Annie spoke.

The Music Came Down To Reveal the first 2 measures of “Trick ‘r Treat Opening Theme” By Douglas Pipes.

”Trick ‘r Treat opening theme. Written by Douglas Pipes.” Leo spoke.

Just Then A Picture Of Douglas Pipes Came Down.

The curtains opened and the episode began with Leo, Annie, Quincy, June and Rocket looking at the blood red sky.

”Hi! I’m Leo! Today, there’s something strange about the sky.” Leo greeted.

Leo turned around so talk to the team.

”Are you seeing what I’m seeing, team?” Leo asked.

”We sure are, Leo!” Quincy said.

”Guys, I’m scared!” Annie spoke. “Why is the sky red again?”

”I don’t know, Annie!” June said.

”We should find out who’s responsible for this.” Rocket spoke, in the voice of Ellyvan from Jungle Junction.

We Were Shocked To Hear Rocket Talk.

”Rocket!?!” Leo gasped.

”You can talk?” June asked.

”Of course I can!” Rocket said.

”How is that even possible?” Annie asked.

”Well, I ate a piece of uranium and it gave me the ability to do that.” Rocket explained.

Just then, a dark figure appeared behind the 5.

”Uh, guys? Leo asked. “What is that behind us?”

They then turned around and saw the dark figure.

”Who are you?!?” Quincy asked in fear.

”NO QUESTIONS, These 2 Girls Are My Next Vessels!” The Dark Figure Said.

”Next vessels?!” June gasped.

”Oh no...” Annie whimpered.

He started grabbing Annie and June and started choking them.

They started screaming via their chokes.

As they were being choked, their style changed.

June now had her same style from june's killing spree.

Annie now had her eyes black with red pupils, her dress was now red, and her shoes were crimson.

The dark figure let go of them as he faded away.

Annie and June dropped to the ground with no pulse.

”Annie? June?” Leo asked in fear. “Is that you?!”

Annie and June got up but didn’t say anything.

”A-A-Annie?! June?!” Quincy whimpered. “Is that you?!”

”We are now the Einstein Girl Killers now!” Annie spoke.

They Then Gasped After They Said That.

”But Annie and June, these aren’t you!” Leo said.

”We know we aren’t.” June said.

”Prepare to die!” Annie berated.

They then grabbed 2 chainsaws and rammed them up Leo and Quincy’s chests.

They started screaming in agony as they were being sawed.

”June! Annie!” Rocket gasped. “What did you do that for?!”

”NO QUESTIONS!, Prepare to be under our control!” June berated.

Annie and June shoved a piece of uranium into Rocket’s mouth as he started changing.

He wasn’t speaking anymore, he was in a pattern of pink and purple, and his searchlights were red.

June and Annie decide to use their newfound powers for evil.

”No one’s gonna stop us now, Annie!” June said.

It Then Cut to Big Jet looking at the blood red sky.

”I wonder why the sky is red?” Big Jet wondered, in the voice of Black Hole from BFDI.

Suddenly, Annie and June flying in Rocket appeared in front of him.

“Annie? June?” Big Jet asked. “Is that you?”

”Sorry Big Jet, but Annie and June are gone.” June told him.

”What do you mean June and Annie are gone?” Big Jet wondered.

”We are the Einstein Girl Killers from now on!” Annie responded.

”The Einstein Girl Killers!?! This can’t be real!” Big Jet gasped.

“Oh yes it can!” Annie said.

”Say your last words, bitch!” June berated.

This was shocking to us, we thought Playhouse Disney shows were forbidden to use swear words.

June pushed a button which made Rocket got out a buzzsaw and rammed it up Big Jet.

He started screaming as he was being sawed.

It Then Cutted To Melody the Music Pet, practicing her singing.

Suddenly, June and Annie in Rocket flew in front of her.

”Hello pet.” Annie greeted sinisterly.

”Are you practicing your singing?” June asked.

"I am!” Melody spoke, in the voice of Widget from Wow Wow Wubbzy. “Also, why do you 2 look different and what did you do to my owner Leo?”

"We killed him.” June and Annie both spoke.

Melody gasped in horror after what June and Annie said.

"What do you mean by that?!” Melody gasped.

”You can see him again with this!” Annie berated.

She pressed a button which made a heavy metal guitar appear.

Annie and June then played a heavy metal version of the theme song.

She covered her ears and screamed from how loud the music was.

Rocket Then Bonked The Guitar On Melody, instantly killing her.

It Then Cutted To Little Red Train Just Minding His Own Business.

Just then, Annie and June appeared in front of him.

”Hi, red train.” Annie sinisterly greeted.

”Annie?” Little Red Train asked in the voice of Needle from BFDI. “Is that you?”

”Sorry red train, but Annie is gone as of now!” Annie berated.

”WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!” Little Red Train gasped.

”Me and June are now the Einstein Girl Killers now!” Annie revealed.

Annie pressed a button which made an anvil appear.

”What are you doing?!” Little Red Train whimpered.

Annie Then Pressed A Button As An Anvil Dropped On Little Red Train.

He Screamed In Agony As He Was Being Crushed.

It Then Cutted To Green Helicopter and Purple Plane having a chat with each other.

”Purple Plane, have you noticed that Annie and June have been acting strange lately?” Green Helicopter asked in the voice of Felipe the Screwdriver from Handy Manny.

”Um, no I haven’t.” Purple Plane spoke in the voice of Twinkle from Higglytown Heroes.

That is until June and Annie arrived.

”Hello suckers!” They both said.

”Oh no!” Green Helicopter panicked. “They found us!”

”You’re damn right we did!” Annie berated.

June Then Pressed A Button As They Got A Laser And Shot The 2 Of Them.

They Screamed As They Were Being Shot.

”We are going to kill everyone else!” Annie spoke.

”Yeah!” June said in a demonic voice.

It Then Shows A Montage Of June And Annie Killing Everybody Else.

It Then Showed The Fate Of The Little Einsteins World, Everything Was Destroyed.

Just Then The Place Exploded In To Flames, Screams Of Characters That Were Killed Played.

There was also A Creepy Music Box Version Of The Theme Song Playing in the background.

Just Then Annie And June Teleported In Front Of The Screen.

”Hello everybody!” Annie greeted.

”Me and Annie have killed everyone in this world, including Leo and Quincy.” June spoke.

”That’s right! June and I are like sisters. We are going to kill anyone who gets in our way.” Annie spoke.

”So if you’re watching this, you’re next on our list of people to kill!” June said.

They got on Rocket.

“See you on the next mission!” Annie signed off sinisterly.

”And we’re coming for you next, Thomas the Tank Engine and friends!” June said.

They then flew away, laughing evilly as the episode faded to the credits, but they were off.

The Background Was Maroon, the text was red, and the music was replaced with creepy music box by shane keen.

I Was Shocked along with my friends and Sir Topham Hatt, how did they know my name?

The Logos Came Up But They Were Also Off.

The Curious Pictures Logo Came Up But The Question Mark Was Demolished, the words were in a Creepsville font, and the dot exploded.

The Baby Einstein Company Logo Came Up But The Background Was The Same As The Credits, the boy’s head was beaten up, and the logo was in shades of red.

The Playhouse Disney Logo Came Up But The Sun And Bird Were Killed, the sky was blood red, and the logo was beaten up. The logo somehow started talking.

”Help me… Please… I was being attacked by Annie and June.” The logo spoke in the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants. “Why?, Because I Was Too Weak to stop them. They also killed the Sun and bird and made me look like a jerk… So please, tell them not to do it, Save Yourselfs, Please Will You?”

After The Speech The Noedolekcin Jingle Played.

After the logos it took us back to the menu.

We Were Shocked After we had just watched.

So Sir Topham Hat Broke The Disc With A Hammer.

We Will Never See Little Einsteins The Same Way Ever Again.

(The End)

Little Einsteins: Annie and June’s Killing Spree (2024)
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