Budget HeartKeeper Unkillable - DeadwoodJedi - Raid Shadow Legends (2024)

Works for both UNM and NM and Brutal. Emic Trunkheart and Painkeeper will reduce each other’s cooldowns (and the rest of the team as well) to enable them to move at a 1:1 ratio. Designated stun target will follow all Budget Unkillable rules (more notes in Advanced Notes section). Speed ranges are almost non-existent – DOUBLE CHECK in the Calculator!

  • Speeds listed exclude any speed aura. If you use an aura you should reduce your build speed accordingly.
  • Use the calculator to find the build speed and take into account any Area Bonuses your account may have.
  • Make sure to prioritize all the skills in the Team Setup
  • Full Auto

Speed Ranges:

As with nearly every Speed Tune, there are more speeds that will work than are listed, but these are the ones tested that work best and most consistently for the approved difficulties and affinities. Generally changing the speeds of one champion can change the speeds needed of other champions. Feel free to play around in the calculator to find what works best for your team.This team in particular has almost no range in speeds, if you want it to work for UNM, NM and Brutal. There are wider ranges and alternative speeds for just one difficulty.

    • 175 – Emic Trunkheart
    • 179 – Cleanser
    • 173-178 – DPS; faster than Painkeeper
    • 173-177 – Painkeeper; faster than Emic, slower than DPS
    • 121 – Stun Target

Speeds are incredibly tight! No room for variation on the Stun Target, Emic or the Cleanser, beware sets that add speed!
Block Debuff works, but ONLY if it is a 2 turn duration and on a 5 turn cooldown. There are no native champions with that (minus Maneater in which case build a different team!) but you can certainly use champs without them being fully booked, like Skathix.
Emic’s A3 needs to be fully booked (4 turn cooldown), his A2 does not (4 turn cooldown)

Please read the ADVANCED NOTES below to understand Stun Targeting!

Speed Tune Sync:

  • UNM tune will sync on turn 3
  • NM tune will sync immediately
  • Brutal tune will sync immediately

On NM and Brutal Stun Target will not be unkillable for the second stun (turn count 5).
On UNM Stun Target will not be unkillable for the first stun.
Every skill gets reduced to a 2 or 3 turn cooldown and everything can be setup for full auto in the presets.
Follow the Budget Unkillable rules for Stun Targeting.
If early stun hits Painkeeper or Emic (or Cleanser if not using Doompriest) you may have to adjust he skills to compensate, though your cleanser should be able to compensate.

Skill Set Up:

  • UNM
    • Emic: prioritize his a2, then his a3 in presets. Opens a1, then a2, then a3.
    • Painkeeper: Open a3, then a2.
    • This is a full auto setup when skills are pre-set.
  • NM and Brutal
    • Emic: opens a3, then a2.
    • Painkeeper: Open a1, then a3, then a2.
    • This is a full auto setup when skills are pre-set.

Gear, Masteries, Blessings:

  • Gear
    • Any sets that don’t affect turn meter or skill timing for the key players (both Unkillable/Block Damage Champs, Cleanser, Block Debuff). No relentless.
    • Painkeeper: no counter-attack gear
  • Masteries
    • Stick to typical Masteries that won’t affect Turn Meter or skill timing.
    • Painkeeper: no counter-attack masteries
  • Blessings
    • Stick to typical Clan Boss Blessings.

Advanced Notes:

  • Stun Targeting in a Budget Unkillable team is very tricky to perfect, but I will try to go over the general rules and guidance here:
    • Stun Targeting Rules:
      • The target must have at least 16% HP to be considered a valid target when having an unkillable buff
      • All other champs must have a higher HP %
      • Stun Target must be weak or neutral affinity
      • Stun attack is based on Max HP, so if max HP is abnormally high (over 50k) these rules have been known to be ignored in unpredictable ways.
    • How Painkeeper works:
      • Painkeeper (PK) has a heal based on PK’s own max HP, so the higher his max HP the higher the heal.
      • Because the heal is a flat number (% of PK’s max HP) allies with higher max HP will heal for a lowerpercentage than those with a lower max HP, even though the number of hit points healed is the same.
      • Because stun targeting is based on HPpercentage and not flat HP, we can use this heal to help target the stun.
    • How to Build your team
      • Stun Target should NOT have life drinker mastery to limit healing
      • Stun Target should have more Max HP than PK (generally more than everyone, but we will discuss Emic in a moment)
      • Everyone else should haveless Max HP than PK
      • PK max HP should be between 33k-45k. Lower numbers are generally easier to work with and build. I’d aim for 35k if you can.
      • Stun Target should have only 2k-3k more max HP than PK. He still needs to heal for 16%, so we don’t want to outstrip PK too much.
      • Emic is an HP based champ (meaning his damage is based on his max HP) so while we can follow the above guidelines and build him with low Max HP, he can be built higher with specific gear, namely regen and immortal or lifesteal. Lifesteal would be recommended. If leech is being kept up for the full fight, then you don’t need to worry about gear, just 100% crit rate to ensure a significant heal (same for using lifesteal)
      • Lastly, Defense values are supremely important, especially early on. You want your Stun Target with as little Defense as possible, so he drops HP as quickly as possible. The rest of your team needs more defense to help ensure they have more HP% than your stun target. In the first few cycles, this will be more impactful than anything else.
  • Due to Painkeeper’s and Emic’s a2 skills reducing cooldowns, you can use champs with long cooldowns to great effect
  • Block Debuff works, but ONLY if it is a 2 turn duration and on a 5 turn cooldown. There are no native champions with that (minus Maneater in which case build a different team!) but you can certainly use champs without them being fully booked, like Skathix.
  • CANNOT use Counter-Attack or Ally-Attack (it may be possible, but have not tested, so I STRONGLY advise against it!)
Budget HeartKeeper Unkillable - DeadwoodJedi - Raid Shadow Legends (2024)


How do you beat unkillable raid? ›

There are a few ways to counter champions with Unkillable Buff. The first method is to apply Block Buff on the champion before he casts Unkillable buff on himself. The second method is to apply crowd control debuff (Freeze, Stun, Provoke, Sleep, Fear, True Fear) to prevent them from applying Unkillable buff.

Does Painkeeper need crit rate? ›

Painkeeper doesn't hit very hard at all, however, I would still recommend you build her with 100% crit rate and a decent amount of attack and crit damage.

Can you extend an unkillable buff? ›

An Unkillable buff will prevent any champion from going below 1hp all the time it is active. This buff cannot be extended through any champions buff extension skills. It is possible to remove an Unkillable buff from your enemies or prevent it from even being applied.

How do I get stronger in raid? ›

Upgrade your gear often. In order to make all the gear you collect even more powerful, you can upgrade each item to a maximum level of +16. As you level up items, you'll unlock bonus stats for every four stages you upgrade.

Is 100% crit rate guaranteed? ›

Bottom line: the soft crit cap doesn't exist. If you have 100% crit rate (or more, but that's pointless since 100% is already guaranteed, so 100% is technically the soft cap), you will crit every single time.

Is 40% crit rate okay? ›

If you're only running 4* Artifacts, 40% isn't bad. Getting to 50%+ is recommended, but it looks like you still have plenty of opportunity to get there, and with some characters and weapons it's even easier to do giving you more room to play around with Crit Damage stacking.

What does over 100% crit chance do? ›

Do you want to actually increase it? I believe Warframe has a mechanic where having over 100% critical chance adds a chance for another critical damage increase to occur.

How do you beat the Demon Lord raid? ›

The Demon Lord cannot be defeated in a single fight. Each Clan Member's attacks wear down the Demon Lord's HP, with each subsequent attack picking up where the previous one left off. The amount of damage each individual Clan Member is able to deal influences which Demon Lord Chest they will receive as their reward.

How do you get the immortal set raid? ›

Immortal Set (2-Pieces)

Only available as a reward for fighting the Clan Boss (Demon Lord), the Immortal Artifact set is a mix of Life (2) and Regenration (4) Sets. It works well for Champions that need to stay alive for as long as possible, both granting them a significant HP boost and healing them at the same time.

How do you counter poison cloud raid? ›

[HP Burn] debuffs cancel the effects of Poison Cloud. Champions whose Skills mean they do not land Weak Hits and Affinitybreaker Artifact Set can counter this effect as well. Poison Cloud cannot be removed, stolen, or otherwise affected by buff manipulation Skills.

How do you survive a Clan Boss raid? ›

The Essentials for a Strong Clan Boss team
  1. Decrease Attack: Importance: Reduces the Clan Boss's damage. ...
  2. Poison/HP Burn: Poison: ...
  3. Increase Speed: Importance: Critical for early to mid-game stages (up to Brutal Clan Boss). ...
  4. Counterattack: ...
  5. Healing: ...
  6. Weaken: ...
  7. Decrease Defence: Becomes more important in the late game.
May 24, 2024

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