How to beat the Clan Boss - 2021 - HellHades - Raid Shadow Legends (2024)

The last time we wrote about how to beat the Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends, we didn’t know all the things we know now. So, today we are going to do an updated version with all the information you need to know about beating the Clan Boss going into 2022.

Firstly, we will go over the basics to refresh our memories. Including his stats and abilities.

For the demon lord’s stats, the Raid Stages Tool is a fantastic place to see all the stats of, not only the Clan Boss but any of the content in the game

Here are the Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss stats

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From the picture above you can see that if you want to go faster than the Demon Lord, you need to be at 191 speed or above. To land your Debuffs you need at least 250 accuracy.

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The Demon Lord’s Abilities

His first 2 moves are AOE (Area of Effect). They are going to nuke your teams and he hits harder the longer the fight goes on. You will need to bear that in mind.

His first ability is Crash Through, which is a 4 hitter. If, he is the void affinity which is the first 50% of his health he will not buff himself. But, when he becomes an affinity boss (e.g. magic, spirit, or force) he places an Increase Attack on himself. It’s really important to remember that when you get to the later stages of the game. His Increase Attack will boost his attack significantly. This move will recycle around as it’s on a 3 turn cooldown.

His second ability is Belittle, this is a single hit. This is the hardest-hitting AOE move that he does. If you are going to be putting on Increase Defence or Shields. You need to put them on before this ability lands. When he hits you with this ability he will place different debuffs depending on his affinity

Void: 5% Poisons

Force: Decrease Attack

Magic: Decrease Accuracy

Spirit: Decrease Speed

The third ability is a single target hit called Crushing Force. He will come and smash one of your champions and he will Stun them for 1 turn. It’s really important to realize when that’s going to come. There are a few ways you can deal with it, Stun target comp, block debuffs or a debuff cleanse. To understand the Stun Targeting comp we will have a separate article about it as it’s an in-depth topic.. this ability is an Enemy Max HP skill meaning the higher your health the harder it will hit you.

The Clan boss has 3 passive moves (these are abilities he has working all the time)

His first one, Infernal Resilience decreases the damage received from poisons, HP Burns, and enemy Max HP abilities e.g. Coldheart’s A3 and Royal Guards A2. They cap out at different amounts depending on the level of Clan Boss you come up against.

At the highest tiers (Ultra-Nightmare), they max out at 50,000 damage for poison. But it is still a massive amount of damage. The maximum amount of debuffs you can have up is 10. If you try and stack more Debuffs they will do nothing and will not land. HP Burn will hit harder when you are on lower-level bosses and it diminishes and drops the further you go up.

Also, good to remember is the Demon Lord is immune to Stuns, Freezes, Sleep, and Decrease Speed. Decrease Turn Meter doesn’t work as well, along with HP balancing/exchange abilities.

The Second passive is Gathering Fury. This ability is very important to know, from the 10th turn his damage starts to ramp up. Every turn incrementally goes up and up. Then from turn 20, it goes up at a faster rate. Then, from the 50th turn, he will ignore Block Damage and Unkillable buffs and nuke your team. So, the faster you get your damage the better.

The final passive is Almighty Immunity. This passive ability means he is immune to all the Debuffs mentioned above, along with Block Cooldown Skills, Fear, True Fear, and Provoke. So, you should not bring them into this fight. They are useless.

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Speed Tunes:

Now that that’s all done. Let’s talk about the real reason you are reading this: different types of teams there are and their speed tunes. The best place for that is Deadwood Jedi’s website

Unkillable comps are the easiest teams to build and get max chests on Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare. The best champions for Unkillable comps are Maneater, Roshcard the Tower, Sir Nicholas, Warcaster, Demytha. If you plan on using these Champions you need to book their unkillable skill, otherwise, they won’t work.

There are different types of speed tunes you can use, let’s break them down and understand them.

1:1 ratio everyone on your team gets one turn to the one turn of the Demon Lord

2:1 ratio everyone on your team gets two turns to the one turn of the Demon Lord – this is the best for damage output due to your team getting two hits in every clan boss turn, It also increases your survivability. You get more chances to land your Debuffs and place your Buffs, you will also have more hits to gain more health back if you are in Lifesteal gear or have the HP masteries, buffs, or debuffs

4:3 ratio is mainly used for Killable comps the require a champion, like Sepulcher Sentinel, to lap the Demon Lord while the rest of your team goes 1:1, so she can get her Block Debuffs back and place it before the Demon Lord hits his Stun Ability

Now that you know what the Clan Boss does and what kind of teams you can build. let’s discuss how to Stay Alive and how do you do damage.

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Staying Alive

Unsurprisingly the best way to stay alive is to heal yourself and the best way to do this is either a champion that has the Leech Debuff, like Deacon Armstrong who has the Leech Debuff on his A1. don’t forget if you have your tier 6 masteries they will proc the Leech Debuff and add more healing to you. The other way to keep yourself alive is through the Lifesteal gear set and it works the same as leech, instead of the healing coming from the Debuff it’s coming from the gear. Lifesteal has a higher amount of healing, 30%.

Alternatives to lifesteal gear are Regeneration gear (15%), Immortal gear (3% per set)

The next way you stay alive for a killable comp is Decrease Attack. This Debuff lowers the Clan Boss’ damage output on his AOE attacks, which will keep your team alive longer. The best and most widely used champions for this is Altan, Jareg and Sepulcher Sentinel as they have Decrease Attack on their A1 skill

It is also worth noting that the Clan Boss has a Defence Cap. This means if you build your champions or place an 60% Increase Defence that brings your Champions to more than 4200 defence anything above this is useless. So if you build your team with 2700 Defence and have the Increase Defence on all the time, it will still hit the Defence Cap and you can put stats elsewhere

The next thing you should be aware of is the Ally Protection Buff Champions. Ally Protect is kind of broken in the Clan Boss at the moment and is the New Meta we are seeing now. Basically, Ally Protection protects the rest of your team by mitigating 50% of the damage received to the Protector and you would think that would Kill that Champion, but the way it is coded in the game the protector only takes a small amount of damage as it doesn’t scale with the Clan Bosses passive Gathering Fury. It stays the same amount throughout the fight.

The last thing to talk about on staying alive is Shields. The most used Champions for this is Brogni and Valkyrie, both of them are absolutely amazing champions in their own right. I will point out Valkyrie’s shield is based on her defence and is not capped. The more defence the better. There are not many champions that do this well.

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Do More Damage

First things first it is of the utmost importance that you make sure all your Champions have full masteries as the Tier 6 masteries will instantly boost your damage by a significant amount. They can be the difference between 1 keying a Boss and not.

Poisons, poisons and more poisons. This is the best way to deal damage. The Clan Boss hates poisons. HP Burn is good but you can only place one at a time.

Decrease Defence and Weaken are the other ways you can do more damage. Interestingly because Decrease Defence scales off the Clan Bosses Defence number, the Weaken Debuff is stronger up to the Brutal level of Clan Boss, and Decrease Defence is Stronger for Nightmare and above if you are only able to place one of them.

Another way to increase your damage is through the ultra-rare Counterattack Buff. Only Valkyrie, Martyr and Skullcrusher have this and they all place it for 2 turns. If you are using one of these Champions, try and make sure they go last in your rotation, so the Counterattack goes on just before the Clan Boss hits

Ally Attack is also viable for Clan Boss. Fahrakin the Fat, Longbeard and Kreela Witch-Arm are the most notable ones for this. They enable you to hit the Clan Boss with 3 or 4 of your Champions with their A1 skills. More hits more Damage

The last thing I will talk about for doing damage against the Clan Boss is a bit obvious, build your Champions to do more damage, High Attack/Defence/HP, depending on what the particular champ scales off, 100% crit rate and as much crit damage as you can get and don’t forget enough Accuracy to land your Debuffs.

How to beat the Clan Boss - 2021 - HellHades - Raid Shadow Legends (6)

That’s it. That’s Clan Boss in a nutshell. Remember try and bring Champions that fill multiple roles and maximize your damage. Use the Team Optimizer to your advantage and before long you will be smacking the Demon Lord into tomorrow and you get the top chests. Leave a comment below on what team you guys run and what is your Highest Damage. We love hearing from you!

How to beat the Clan Boss - 2021 - HellHades - Raid Shadow Legends (2024)
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