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We all know Clan Boss and how it’s a great place to get rewards like Shards, Cruel and Immortal gear, gems, potions, silver, and books. But what are the basics of Clan Boss. What are the must-knows when building a team for each difficulty? These are the top 10 things you need to know.

The speed of the demon lord himself. If you gear your champions faster than the particular speed of the stage, you are fighting will mean you will always go first. This does not mean you have to always go faster than the demon lord as some comps require you to have one champion going slower than the clan boss

DifficultySpeed Requirement
Ultra Nightmare190+

Accuracy is needed for each stage; accuracy is the second most needed stat after speed as you need it to land any debuffs. You can go over the below number as these are the minimum you need for each difficulty.

DifficultyAccuracy Requirement
Ultra Nightmare230+

How much defence do you need on your champions to survive through the turns? If you champions stay alive it means more damage you can do, especially your high damage dealers or Debuff champions. Anything above the numbers below from 1800 for easy to 3500 for Ultra nightmare and you will at least stay alive long enough to put up some damage.

DifficultyDefence Requirement
Ultra Nightmare3500+

Champions – Some champions have been created, it seems like, with Clan boss in Mind – Maneater, Demytha, Painkeeper, Seeker, Rochard the Tower and Valkyrie all come to mind, and you will find comps for nearly every “Clan Boss” champion here on the website.

Turn order – The turn order of your champions is especially important in Clan Boss and its how many of the clan boss comps are able to work. The turn order is determined by the speed of your champions from fastest to slowest. For example, if I have Dracomorph at 193 speed and Skullcrusher at 192 speed, Dracomorph will always go before Skullcrusher, every turn. here are a few tips. If you are running a 1:1 ratio comp you always want your decrease defence/weaken champion to go first as with those debuffs on, the rest of your team will hit harder. Also, you want your Counter-attack champion to always go last in your turn order so your whole team will have counterattack up for both of the AOE slams, resulting in more overall damage.

The clan boss’ skills are important to know, he has 2 AOE abilities and one single target ability. The single target one has the ability to Stun its target 100% of the time as long as they don’t have the buff block debuffs on.

The second AOE ability changes depending on which affinity the boss is on and will attempt to land different debuffs

Void: 5% Poisons

Force: decrease attack

Magic: decrease accuracy

Spirit: decrease speed

If you are running a non-unkillable Clan Boss team Decrease Attack is a must as it will decrease the amount of damage you will take, keeping you alive just that bit longer. the best in class for this are champions Altan, Jareg and Sepulcher Sentinel as they have Decrease Attack on their A1. Alternatively, is you are running a unkillable Clan Boss team you do not want decrease attack at all, it is a useless debuff on the clan boss as you can’t be killed.

When you are building your Unkillable team for the first time. Don’t worry about your damage those stats will all come in time. Focus solely on the speeds you need. Once you acquire that, everything else will fall into place. You are guaranteed to go the 50 turns no matter how bad your gear is.

Poisons > HP Burn for Clan Boss – Period.

And finally, the Most important thing you should know about Clan Boss and setting up your team to face him with a non-unkillable team is Damage Mitigation or in other words Ally Protection. Ally Protection is the best defensive buff that anyone can place as it will keep your team alive. The reason for this is a champion casting ally protection will absorb a % (25 or 50% depending on the skill) of the damage their Allies should be taking. This effect will not protect your allies from passive damage such as poison, HP Burn, or self-inflicted damage through skills though. Ally Protection is particularly strong in end game content where your team is taking severe levels of damage but be careful to make sure the champion casting this skill has high HP and Defence to mitigate the extra damage they will take. Stalwart gear is also a fantastic way to mitigate additional damage to the champions casting this ability, and this is particularly great against the Clan Boss as the damage number the ally protector takes does not scale with the Demon lords damage it stays as it is on turn one.

I hope these tips helped you understand what you need for your fight against the Demon Lord! If you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned. Please comment them down below and share them with your fellow DWJ members!

Clan Boss: It's easy if you know how - DeadwoodJedi - Raid Shadow Legends (2024)
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