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The Clan Boss Speed Calculator is a tool to help you calculate when your champions are taking their turns in relation to the Clan Boss, what skills they will use, and in general, find the best way to maximize the damage your compositions can do. Like any tool, however, the Calculator is only as useful as the artisan who wields it, and this tool can be very simple or very complicated, depending on what you want to accomplish. In either case, it follows some very specific rules that you will need to know and accommodate in order to effectively use the calculator.

If this is your first time using the Calculator, Istrongly recommendwatching the video below or reading the Step-by-Step Walk-Through to start.

Also, the calculator can have issues withAdBlockersturned on – disabling it should fix the issue.

  • Video Tutorial
  • General Guidance
  • The Premium Version
  • Step-by-Step Walk-Through
  • Advanced Calculator Rules
  • Unique and Speed Champions
  • Contributors

Know that this calculator is close to, but certainly not perfect. It has limitations, especially when trying to use specific Champions, but for mostteams it will get the turn order correct, allowing you to speed tune your teamfor optimal performance. Testing is highly encouraged to ensure the best results.

To achieve the best results you will need to use the calculated speeds of each Champion,however, for experimentation or hypothesizing, only the displayed speed is usually necessary.

The Calculator will give you exact results, but certain masteries,gear, and abilities will prevent those results from being replicated in actuality. It does not calculate random chance, so masteries likeArcane Celerity, Rapid Response, Cycle of Magic,andLasting Giftscan all throw off the calculator. The same can be said for gear sets like Relentless and abilities like Golden Reaper’s or Rotos’ a1 ability thatreset cooldownsor grantextra turnsbased off a percentage chance.

When trying to tune your team for more complex compositions (such as achieving a 4:3 or 3:2 Champion to Clan Boss turn ratios) the speeds of every member matters, not just the champion you want to go faster. So if you are struggling finding the right composition, try adjusting a different champion, not just the fastest one.

Above all remember there are some specific rules the Calculator follows and the calculator will use exactly what you input!

This calculator has everything you loved about the old one, plus some new features like buff tracking, all of which is available for free and will continue to be in perpetuity. However, in order to continue innovating new functions and keeping it updatedthere are some newer features that you will need to be aTwitchorPatreonsubscriber of a certain tier to access.

These features currently includes the creation of a uniquely generated URL which you can then save as a bookmark and share with others,as well as keeping the page ad-free, and in the future will include any new content including affinity clan boss.

To gain access to these advanced features you will need to be aTwitch subsciber of Tier 2or higher OR aPatreon of the Calculator Cowboylevel or higher. There are links to both on the header and footer of the website as well as in all my media.Once subscribed you can login by clicking theLOGINicon on the top of the page. Once you connect you can click theSAVEicon to generate the unique URL.

It takes incredible amounts of time and effort to create and maintain a tool like this and your support goes a long way towards keeping it sustainable!

If you’re familiar with the original calculator, much of this will be familiar, however, a LOT has changed too! We’ve streamlined and simplified a lot of the complexities from the first version, so this will still be worth a read. And if you’re new to the Calculator you will definitely want to read this, as it’s going to give you an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to use and implement the full range of features offered. When we’re done you’ll be able to start playing with the champions and speeds with confidence! Of course, there’s plenty more advanced concepts and strategies when speed tuning, but we have to learn to walk before we run – so let’s start:

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (1)

Go ahead and click on Clan Boss Calculator to get started…

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (2)

I know, it’s a lot at first – but that’s ok! Let’s go step-by-step: First thing we need is to add a champion. Let’s select Arbiter from the drop down menu…

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (3)

When you select your Champion, their picture pops up and the skills and base speed fill in automatically.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (4)

If we select Altan instead, you can see the base speed and skills change automatically.

For now let’s keep working with Altan. First thing we’ll do is input his total speed. The displayed speed in the game. This isn’t his exact speed, or calculated speed, though.

We can change the speed by typing in the number or using the arrows on the side to increase or decrease it by 1. Once we get the displayed speed sorted, we need to find the exact, or calculated, speed.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (7)

To find the calculated speed we need to know the Base Speed of our Champion. It fills in automatically for us when we select our Champion, but if they aren’t fully ascended or leveled that number could be different. You can change it by typing it in or using the arrows to raise or lower it.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (8)

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (9)

What affects the calculated speed are speed sets in conjunction with our base speed and speed aura. We have 4 different types of speed sets in the game currently: Speed, Divine Speed, Perception, and Swift Parry. Speed and Divine Speed act identically and so are lumped together for the calculator. Every combination is included in the drop down menu. Simply select which sets your Champion has equipped. If they are wearing any of those sets, you will also need to see if they have the Lore of Steel Mastery, which can also affect calculated speed. If so, click the toggle.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (10)

The last thing we need to add is any Speed Aura our Champion has. This is determined solely by the Lead Champion and only if they have an All Battles Speed Aura. Altan doesn’t, so we can skip that for now…

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (11)

Once the speed is input we can see the Champion populate the Turn Order. We can even see their skills appearing. But we need to get all five Champions in the calculator to see a proper speed tune.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (12)

There we go!

We can see all the Champion turns and when they take them. Even the skills they’re using and when! But it’s a bit confusing when seeing it for the first time…let’s break it down!

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (13)

The Vertical columns signify the Clan Boss skill. Look at these to ensure you’re in tune and using particular skills at the same time cycle after cycle. The Vertical, highlighted here, is between the Clan Boss AOE attacks. If we were trying to block affinity debuffs, this is where we’d check to ensure we get the Block Debuff buff up in time…

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (14)

The Horizontal Rows signify a Clan Boss Cycle of attacks – what I call a Cycle or Full Cycle. Look at these to ensure you’re skill are being used correctly within a Full Cycle: Is the counter attacker going last? Cleanser First? Stun Target have the appropriate buffs on/off to ensure they get targeted?

When both the Vertical and the Horizontal align into regular patterns, that’s when you have a Speed Tune!

But that’s not all – there’s more advanced features too!

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (15)

You’ve probably noticed the buffs tracking already:

  • Greenmeans the buff is being placed on that turn.

  • Bluemeans the Champion begins AND endstheir turn with that skill active.

  • Bluebuffsthat areSee-ThroughmeantheyBEGINtheir turn with the skill active, but at theENDof their turn the skill will disappear.

This way you can track when buffs are placed and falling off!

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (16)

You also likely noticed theTurn Meter Box.

If you click on anychampion turn order barthe box will appear and show the current (at the start of that turn) turn meter of every champion in both graph and numerical detail. The numbers represent the percentage of Turn Meter bar filled. The bar graph does the same.

It’s an advanced tool, useful for theory crafting primarily, but also for understanding how turn meter works.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (17)

Sometimes we forget which skill does what – no more!

If you click on theskill nameyou can type in whatever you want instead. Here I decided to type in the buff Altan adds.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (18)

And you can see each time the skill is used, we can see it appears!

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (19)

Now there’s some special tabs on the top of the Calculator:

  • Newswill open up the pop-up so you can quickly reference any new changes to the Calculator, my website, or even just catch my latest YouTube video. Links to all my socials (YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Twitter) are there as well.

  • Helpwill bring you directly to this page! So if you need to check how a unique champion interacts in the calculator or forget how part certain skills are implemented you can get a quick reminder.

  • Report a bugis where you can let me know if there’s a bug…pretty simple, right?

There’s also theLoginbutton, which (as I’m sure you’ve guessed) allows you tologin through your Twitch or Patreon account. You’ll need to be of the appropriate tier to login, as it will grant you access to theEpic Versionof the Calculator.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (20)

For those of you with access to theEpic Version, once you Login you’ll see aSavebutton as well as anIcon for your accountwhich will let you sign out.

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (21)

If you click on the Save button, the Calculator will generate a unique URL, which you can then copy and/or bookmark. This allows you to save and share your teams!

And that’s everything! You now have the tools to get started, though I do recommend reading further to understand some of the unique mechanics involved to make the calculator work optimally for your teams.

I’m excited to see what you all come up with!

There are some general rules the calculator follows to incorporate the wide variety of skills Champions can use:

Skills are typically prioritized according to their strength.

  • So an a4 skill is usually used before an a3 skill. This is NOT always the case. Some known aberrations have been automated to better reflect actual game play.

  • Skills are prioritized High to Low.

  • If you need to change the priority of a skill, you can do so by changing the Prioritization.

Some Champions will not use skills against the Clan Boss.

  • For example, Frozen Banshee only uses her a1 and a3 against the clan boss, NOT her a2 skill.

  • We have made these skills the lowest priority skills – meaning they will not be used.

  • If you wish to use those skills you can increase their priority level.

Some skill are so situational as to inhibit speed tuning.

  • Many skills are used onlyunder very particular conditions, typically ressurection only skills.

  • We have made these skills the lowest priority skills – meaning they will not be used.

  • If you wish to use those skills you can increase their priority level.

You can turn individual skills on and off.

  • If there is a skill turned off you wish turned on you can turn it on by simply increasing the cooldown of an unused skill slot.

  • To eliminate a skill, you do the opposite and reduce a cooldown to zero.

Some Champions getregularandreliableextra turns.

  • These will occur automatically in the calculator and you will see them take their extra turn in the display.

  • Examples would include Turvold’s and Ma’Shalled’s a2 and Athel’s a3.

  • You will not see this for Arbiter’s a4 or Lanakis’ a3, since they do NOT reliably grant an extra turn.

Some Champions only activate their abilities if they score a critical hit.

  • The calculator assumes these champions will critically hit 100% of the time.

  • Beware of non-void champions with these skills, like Juliana, as they will inevitably have weak hits that do not crit.

Do not include passive abilities with cooldowns.

  • The calculator will not work correctly if it is not a selected skill you can reliably choose manually.

  • Passive skills are PASSIVE. Skills used by the calculator are all ACTIVE.

When a Champion is stunned their cooldowns will not tick down.

  • The Calculator does NOT factor this in.

  • If you have a Champion that is dedicated to getting stunned, you can account for it by increasing all their cooldowns by 1.

  • If it is a Speed Champion that is stunned this will very likely throw off the whole teams turn order

The Champion AI is generally bad.

  • The Calculator does NOT factor this in.

  • As an example, if you have a Champion that only uses places their increase defense buff if it’s not on them at the start of their turn, the calculator does NOT currently take this into account.

  • As an example, if you have a Champion that only uses their heal ability when another Champion is at half health or less, the calculator does NOT currently take this into account.

  • As an example, if you have a Champion that only uses their hp burn skill if it’s not already on the Clan Boss, the calculator does NOT currently take this into account.

  • The Calculator will use each skill as it comes off cooldown in order of priority given.

We have included every Champion in our data-base.

  • However, we wanted to continue to allow you to customize your inputs – not everyone can fully book, level and ascend their champions to maximum capacity.

  • Everything, from cooldownsto base speeds and even which skills are active are customizable.

What helps make this calculator unique is that it incorporates the unique speed and turn meter boosts specific Champions utilize. This may prove helpful for those of you using a speed comp or a champion with a buff extender.

Due to the size and peculiarities of these Champions, and others, I have not been able to test them all. In order to best use the Calculator with these Unique and Speed Champions, it is important to understand exactly how the calculator incorporates them and their unique skills. Here is specific guidance for some of these Speed Champions. As feedback grows, so will this list of unique skills and champions:


  • Counter-AttackChampions (Skullcrusher, Martyr, Valkyrie) will interact correctly with champions that have turn meter effects on their a1 skills, such as Pain Keeper.

  • Ally Attackskills will trigger the a1 skills of ALL allies in the calculator, even if it only activates on a select few in reality. For those that don’t select everyone (like Kreela) you can turn on and off their Ally Attack ability to see if it will alter the tune if a champion is or isn’t selected.

  • Single Ally Targetingskills like Vergis or Nehkret the Great use will always select the lead champion, unless they are lead, in which case they will select the #2 champion.

  • Turn Meter BoostsandSpeed Buffsare both included in the calculator unless otherwise indicated. Be aware % chances will throw off any tune.

  • Reduce and Reset Cooldownskills are built in.Details are below for specific champions

  • Revive Champions who will only use their skill to revive allies, and thus have the lowest priority.


  • Valkyrie’sturn meter boost passive is NOT included yet.

  • Pain Keeper, RenegadeandKymarwill NOT reset their own or other Renegades or Kymars cooldowns of their a3 skills. They WILL reset/reduce the cooldown of other Pain Keeper a3 skills.

  • Revive champions that have their revive skill NOT used in Clan Boss (and thus have it at the lowest priority): Melga Steelgirdle, Siphi, duch*ess, Cardinal, Fang Cleric, Blind Seer, Broadmaw, Raglin, Maulie Tankard, Shaman, Geargrinder, Reliquery Tender, Grinner, Haruspex, Kaiden, Mistress of Hyms, Old Man Jorgg, Godseeker Aniri.

  • Marksman’sa1 andLanakis‘ a3 will occaisonally grant an extra turn, but that same ability will throw off any precise speed composition. Their abilities are still included in the case you care to manual your run, but will not grant an extra turn.

  • Mauliehas a unique ability that activates when hit. If you place her as the Lead, the calculator will assume she is hit every turn, otherwise it will assume she is hit only on the AOE’s. She has not yet been added.

  • Foli’sability activates when stunned, so if you place him in the lead position it should simulate this. He has not yet been added.

  • Anax’spassive skill is triggered by HP lost…this is extremely variable, so until I can create a better method, his Increase Defense and Increase Attack skills will activate immediately. His extra turn skill will NOT activate.

  • Rugnor Goldgleam’sa2 skill is NOT impemented yet.

  • Inquisitor Shamaelpassivecounter-attackability on his a1 is NOT implemented yet.

  • King Garog’sa2 cooldown ability is NOT implemented

  • Roxamis assumed to activate her Turn Meter boost each a1 skill and perfect veil on the a2 and a3. Passive is NOT implemented yet.

  • The partner skills ofAstralonandCountess Lixare NOT implemented.

  • Astralon’spassive TM boost is NOT implemented.

  • Countess Lix’spassive TM boost is NOT implemented.

  • Cardiel’srandom joining in an ally’s attack is NOT implemented.

  • Godseeker Aniri’sPassive is NOT implemented.

  • Nogdar the Headhunter’sPassive is NOT implemented.

  • Pestilus’a2 TM boost is NOT implemented.

  • Quargan the Crownedwill assume all champions have higher defense than atk and will use the Increase Defense and Block Debuff ability with his a3 skill.

  • Tarshon’sPassive is NOT implemented.

  • Sicia Flametongue’sPassive speed increase and A3 extra turn are NOT implemented.

  • Samar Gemcursed’sa1 WILL assume over 50% hp and activate his TM boost. His Passive will NOT activate.

  • Runekeeper Dazdurk’spriority is still a bit undecided, so is not changed, but it seems like he will prioritize his a2 TM boost skill. I suggest making that the highest priority for the time being.

This calculator is due to the immense contributions and work of Miitch. An excellent friend, clan mate and partner. Could not have done this without him.

The original calculator is a creation of mine, but heavily influenced and inspired by the work of the r/RaidShadowLegends reddit community, primarily NapoleonCamembert and Kuroshioizo. NapoleonCamembert and Sinso in particular have been abundantly helpful in fleshing out the calculator. Additionally my clanmate PeanutButter has been huge in helping me get this site up and running. And lastly, thanks to MurderInc for providing sound advice and helping promote the site. To the many others who have helped me, not only with the calculator, but with the website, discord group, YouTube and Twitch along the way, I give a heartfelt thank you for all you’ve done!

Much thanks to the Raid community in general for their love and support and also to the scores of fabulous content creators who embrace myself and my work

Clan Boss Calculator Guide - DeadwoodJedi (2024)
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